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Below are two responses to the case study presented in the previous post.  Before we look at the possible outcomes answer this question:

“What is personally most important to you about that decision?”

No, I will not support the application. 

Department Head’s Perspective: This will be the fourth person to transfer this year without identified replacements, three have left already. They will get filled, however, it will take awhile, with replacements trickling in starting in the spring. The branch head is in my hierarchy of leadership and I need her capability within the Department. She has done an exceptional job and she is the continuity with the personnel gaps we are experiencing. Her absence starting in April puts us at risk for not accomplishing the mission.

Branch Head’s Perspective: I told him that I was going to apply for any positions that came available in that department. It is my career goal to work there. He is more concerned about himself and his reputation than taking care of his people. I understand that there’s going to be some pain in the department if I leave in April. With 2500 people in this company the positions will get filled eventually, they can do without me for a short while. The message I am receiving is that the organization is more important than people and their career aspirations. He also supported me when I applied for another position back in September. If I won that one I would have left over the summer. This is only a few months different. I am not getting supported the way I think I should be.

Yes, I will support the application.

Department Head’s Perspective: this is going to be painful, I really need her here to accomplish the mission. It’s going to put a burden on me and other team members to step up and take on an additional load until we get the replacements. In reality, she might not get the position, her chances are probably about one in four. So, there’s a risk I might lose her. However, I think rolling the dice and supporting her is the right thing to do. In this company we emphasize taking care of our people.

Branch Head’s Perspective: I know he’s going out on a limb here for me. If I am selected it will be challenging for the department until all the positions are filled. I appreciate him, allowing me to compete to pursue a goal that is important to me. He said he’d support me and he has been good to his word. I am happy to go the extra mile for him when I have to.

Reflections: How much did the question at the beginning influence your decision?

What factors were not considered in the perspectives that should have been?

I welcome your perspective, comments, and thoughts.