• Accelerate Your Transition to the Next Level of Performance

  • Through Leadership Development Coaching, Education, and Training

  • Leadership Separates the Top Performers From the Rest of the Field

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Leadership is the Great Differentiator
Leaders outperform their peers
Organizations with a leadership culture outperform the competition

We assist leaders and organizations differentiate themselves by increasing their leadership capacity.

Coaching Services

You will develop clarity about who you are, where you are going, why you are going, and the path to your destination.

Organizations will develop clarity about who they are, why they exist, and how to work together to continuously deliver outstanding results.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a one-on-one development process to increase an executive’s managerial and leadership performance. Methods often use feedback processes through self and other assessments as well as on-the-job learning.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a relationship established to intentionally improve your capacity as a leader. It is a one-on-one relationship designed collaboratively between you and your coach to maximize your potential as a leader.

Career Transitions Coaching

In transitions coaching you enter into a one-on-one relationship designed by you and your coach to explore your current or proposed transition to make it successful. You will start by examining your values and building a vision for the best possible outcome.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is for those who wish to live their lives with purpose. You will gain self- awareness and utilize your skills and talents to transition a good life to great.

Team Coaching

Think back to the time when you were on a team that was working to its full potential. What made the team effective? Was it the leadership? Was it the  people? Was it the culture? High performing teams are a result of all of these facets working in sync.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is an effective and flexible personnel development tool that makes significant positive impacts on individuals and an organization.

Corporate – Government – Non-Profit – Individual

What Kind of High Performer Are You?

Leader With the Desire to Get to the Next Level

Leader Transitioning Careers

Military in Transition to the Civilian Workforce

Executive Taking Your Organization to the Next Level

Leader of a High Performing Team

Leader With the Desire to Develop Your People

Consulting Services

To Transition Teams and Organizations to the Next Level of Performance

Education and Training

Working with organizations to integrate leadership and ethics into their education and training programs to establish the desired positive culture.

Strategic Planning

Assisting organizations and teams set their direction

Vision, Mission, and Values

Development of Vision, Mission, and Values for organizations and teams of all sizes. Setting the direction for maximum performance.

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“This experience made me define my leadership style and approach. We started at the highest level with leadership philosophy and narrowed down to daily challenges”


“It has changed the way I looked at my transition to the civilian world. Rather than looking at job postings, I am researching companies that are a fit for my values and my vision. I have clearly focused transition plan.”

J. R.

“I started working with Gary at a pivotal moment in my career.  I felt at a crossroads where I wanted a promotion and I had to think about leaving my current team for that promotion or staying where I was comfortable.  Gary helped me weigh the pros and cons and really just walk through the different scenarios to assist me with deciding what I wanted.  While working with Gary I gained more confidence and was able to ask my Leadership for a promotion in my current group which is exactly what I ended up receiving.  I am grateful to have been working with Gary during this time or I fear I would be stuck where I was 8 months ago!”


I want to thank The COMMIT Foundation and specifically Gary Slyman for being my executive coach for the past four months as I try to figure out what I want to do when I retire at the end of the year. In our first meeting, I was a mess, I had no direction, no focus, I was just going with what I thought sounded good for jobs. By the last meeting, I knew exactly what I wanted, what mattered to me, and what values I was not going to overlook when choosing my next career. If you need help, and if you are a veteran or soon to be we all need help, reach out to The COMMIT Foundation. If you need help in leadership, focus, and/or guidance, reach out to Gary Slyman, I will be forever in his debt.