I was having a conversation years ago on Memorial Day with a colleague who lost her brother during the Vietnam War. She expressed the intense sadness and loss she has every year at family events. She said she tries to picture what he would look like and what his life may have been. He was killed when he was in his early 20s.

When they take family photos, she tries to picture him in those photos, thinking that he should be part of this. She feels the tragedy of his shortened life with each missed celebration. The birthdays, graduations, holidays, and simple family gatherings.

When she shared this with me, he had died over 40 years ago. I was taken aback by how much his death still had an impact on her. It made me think about my family events and what if I or another family member was not in the photos. How different would life have been for all of us?

On Memorial Day, it is important to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country.

It is also important to remember and support the families who have lost loved ones. They pay a price daily. What would you want if you were in their shoes carrying the invisible and unique burden of loss?

Have a Happy & Safe Memorial Day Weekend!